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Actor Michael Brill
Photo - Michael Kleven

Voice of Roethke - 
Michael Brill

"To the Moon!" was completed on May 11, 2010 and review copies were sent to various individuals.  


"I just have to say that "To the Moon!" is a most gorgeous film, full of life and words, and, oh what language! The cinematography is a language all its own, and the music, the actors. It makes me very happy to know you, the creator. And I'm happy that your vision came true. Congratulations to all who helped you on this project. Applause....Applause. "

"It is so beautiful. Oh, the work that must have gone into this. It's such a joy to see your artistic spirit at play. I have a feeling this little movie is going to get around."

Production Stills

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Next film project: "Native Justice."  

A story of crime and punishment in Alaska.

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This low budget independent poem is made possible by your support. Donors will be named in the credits and those who donate $100 or more will receive a project shirt. Thanks!

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The Celebration Foundation -- Portland, Oregon 
Graduate Student Organization -- University of Alaska, Anchorage
Velda Miller
Vivian Prescott
Kathleen Tarr
Linda Bryant
Ken Cory 



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This low budget independent poem is made possible by your support. Donors will be named in the credits and those who donate $100 or more will receive a project shirt. Thanks!

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Gus Hellthaler - owner of the Blue Moon 2010 (Photo - Mike Kleven)


This page supports the short film we are making in Seattle from December, through January of 2010, as part of my colloquium for the MFA at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.  As I get bios and such from the cast, I will add them here.   As filming begins the page will be a source for progress reports, reviews, and process.   See the notes below under Running Commentary for the first entries.   

Roethke died when I was eighteen.  My older friends were his friends.  Friends of the Blue Moon Tavern. I was too young to get in, so I did not meet him.  However, I retain the ability to pronounce Roethke.  I am trying to find the friends of 45 years ago.  These older friends may be elderly depending on a number of things (See mysticism, below).

Seattle-based actor Michael Brill has agreed to read Roethke poems in what I am imagining to be “voice-over.” Film maker Michael Kleven will produce, I will direct my motley crew in discovering Ted Roethke.

Search is on for others: Stan Iverson, Lee Johnson, Ingerann Haig, Tom Robbins, James McLean, Barbara Tomlinson, Joel Jensen, William Cumming.  

The film may cover mysticism. The northwest. Love. Or "a woman lovely in her bones."

It will be a short film.   


Video Clip -- Creating 'First Class', a play about Theodore Roethke

Behind the scenes creation of the world premiere play First Class, poet David Wagoner's unique, insightful portrait of his friend and mentor, legendary poet Theodore Roethke. Master actor John Aylward (also seen on The West Wing and ER) gives a bravura performance as the charismatic poet in this voyage into the passionate heart-and art-of a genius. The play is directed by Kurt Beattie.

Notes from a former student

Drunk Diver: A Trip to the swimming pool that killed Ted Roethke. [excellent article by Brendan Kiley]


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The film below is a 2005 documentary about Seattle's Blue Moon tavern and those who drink there.  

Vimeo - Michael Kleven, collection

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Stan Iverson
Link to Stan Iverson Memorial Library



3978 Defiance Street

Anchorage, Alaska 99504

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